Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to the blog!

Welcome back! And apologies for the absence. We are still here and still ploughing on with changing what was a building site into a home.

Since the builders finished off and then left a couple of weeks ago and electricians and plumbers arrived and went we have been up to our necks in DIY. And as it's the summer holidays still and the children are at home it has taken a bit longer to get things done. Still, not complaining as the place is really coming together, is better than we could have ever imagined and has truly transformed the house both outside and in.

Here's a picture of the kitchen, probably as it looked a couple of weeks ago. David is currently fitting out the kitchen and the aga has arrived but is not lit yet as we are waiting for the wall tiles to go on. We have painted it all out. In fact, I am supposed to be on window painting duty but found myself logging on to my blog whilst David makes a skip trip.

This is taken from the corner where the kitchen units are and looking into what is the garden room. It has got wooden batons laid on the floor in preparation for the oak floor that David is putting down in a week or so. We have opted for getting a tiler in to tile the kitchen, utility and porches as it would have been impossible for us to do it ourselves as well as all the other bits to finish.

Anyway, once the rain has stopped I will take some updated photos. I have the balcony to photograph along with the units and of course, the beloved aga which is already part of the family! Well, it will be once it has warmed up and gives off some heat.