Sunday, July 12, 2009

The rain

Despite the lovely summer weather we have also had a couple of massive downpours here recently and have had to catch a couple of leaks coming through the roof. Our roofers turned up on Friday just as the thunder clouds were looming. Despite their best efforts at working quickly to get the roof slates off and the roofing felt on, you can't beat nature and the heavens opened. We had another leak yesterday morning. The overflow pipe had been dislodged so the water from it came into the house. Luckily, as it was a Saturday, our foreman Tony came out as did Roger, the plumber, and solved the problem.

Anyway, leak dramas aside things have really moved on. Here is a photo to show you where we are at.

The gable wall is finished with window and door in situ. The door leads out onto the balcony - which is enclosed between two pitches of roof and is above the utility room. From the front of the house you would have no idea that there was a balcony there. Me and David will be both fighting to use this room for our writing work!

Here is the extension from the back. The glass doors and window out are still covered up but I think this will be a very light and sunny garden room.

The building inspector came round mid week. He said that his job normally involved changing the odd thing but in our case he was extremely impressed with the design and the building work. He said it was a very 'tidy' job and that we should be really proud of it - a compliment to both the architect and the builders who have got us this far.

In the meantime we are looking ahead to fitting the place out. The aga installation has been booked for August 11th. The electrician has been in and we have gone through where to place the various sockets, switches and light fittings. Next the plumber will be in to sort out the radiators, boiler and pipework. I think this is the bit that takes our time and consideration as not only does it come together very quickly but this is also the bit where you get the house as you want it. So you have to plan ahead as to how you want to furnish each room. I can't really believe that the extension will be more or less habitable in just over a month's time as we are just 10 weeks on from when our builders started.


  1. I don't know what I'll do with my life once this blog has finished....

  2. Blimey, That was quick! Fear not, there will be no end to this blog now - there will be years ahead of decorating, redecorating etc. Lovely to have such an enthusiasic follower!

  3. An "enthusiastic follower" would probably volunteer his support like helping with the decorating....I'm just looking forward to sleeping in a bed when I stay and keeping tabs on my room !!!! Looking great though I must say !

  4. I knew it was a serious job, but this is way beyond my imagination! Good idea this blog as you really get an idea what it's like, and of course, as Chris is saying, keeping tabs on the guest room as well!

    Hope Phil is not reading the blog though...

  5. You see, our friends are always at the heart of any planning in this house! We will really look forward to having you over! Phil has a cult following here - not only are we impressed with his joinery but he is always the main star in any role play Joseph and William play together!

  6. Sarah, i really enjoyed reading this after at last finding you and learning how to use the internet!!, I look forward to more installments.
    Christine x